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Caregiver's health

When there is no one left
When there is no one left
Caregiver's give 100% all the time

Perhaps one of the most difficult times in a caregiver’s life is when the caregiving partner either moves into a greater need medical care facility or passes on. This may have seemed obvious to each of us, but try thinking of the moving on event a little different.
Should the situation be that the caregiver is now without a person to care for due to the move into a care facility which is better equipped to handle the day to day needs of this person. We sometimes see that as a personal failure, certainly it is not however when caught up in the emotion roller coaster of caregiving it can seem that way. Another way of looking at this move is to observe as an unfulfilled promise. This is especially the case with older married couples, in which one is the caregiver and the other the care partner. Certainly there are other ways to look at the situation, however most come to the same conclusion, as a caregiver we failed.
And when the care partner passes on, our failure is multiplied 100 fold. With this kind of failure there can be health repercussions for us. We can find that we now have health concerns we had not experienced previously or perhaps a health situation has be of greater concern or exacerbated if you will.
Caregivers must take care of their health and social needs while providing the all-important care necessary for their care partner. We cannot keep them well and happy without looking after ourselves first. Caregivers, we need a routine break; perhaps once a week taking an afternoon and doing something just for us, a movie, a spa or a walk in the park. This will help us stay healthy. The National Senior Citizens Law Center looks for ways to help caregivers.