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Caregiver Activity Guide

It’s important to listen closely to what caregivers, CNAs, and HHAs are saying - it helps employers understand what makes them tick and what motivates them to be excellent caregivers! Recent research found in the Caregiver Trend Report, which surveyed over 1,500 caregivers, CNAs, and HHAs, shows that the caregiver community is collectively saying “We want more caregiver training!”

The results revealed the top ten areas where caregivers want more training; one of the top results is learning more about activities to do with clients for caregivers working in the homecare space.

Caregivers are curious how to keep themselves and their clients engaged on a day to to day basis. We came across a detailed Caregiver Activities Guide among others online, which shares 50 different creative ideas to inspire a fun and dynamic environment. A few of the activities included:

  • Making ice cream sundaes
  • Coloring pictures
  • Having a pajama day movie marathon (my personal favorite)

If you’re an employer looking for activity ideas to your staff, consider creating your own guide or simply downloading a few of the free caregiver activity guides on the web. It’s a win for you, your clients, and the caregiver!

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