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Careers that Gave Life to Worth While Stories

Oscars 2014 86th Annual Academy Awards
Oscars 2014 86th Annual Academy Awards
Oscar 2014

The beautiful Glenn Close gave a lovely tribute to those who deserved the honor for the gift of film and talent they brought to this earth. In Memory of... all of those who have gone on leaving the next generation with a legacy of dreams to continue to fulfill.

These individuals are those who brought stories to life in film. Defining moments of tremendous heroes that bring us a sense of hope at some level within our beings that we are all destined for greatness.

The legend herself, Bette Miller comes walking out on stage singing one of her "You're my hero"... I can flyer than an eagle because you are the wind beneath my wing. TREMENDOUS tribute to those who have gone one before us. Standing Ovation with tears in everyone's eyes. No words how amazing this tribute was.

Goldie Hawn in her beauty and classic stature gave a wonderful description of the movies up for the Oscar.

John Travolta introduces "Let it Go" from Frozen. WOW!!!!!!! She blew it out of the water.

Music is a language that speaks to our souls.

Original Score goes to ... GRAVITY

Original Song goes to ... "Let It Go" for Frozen

Congratulations to all nominees.

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