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Career searching in the Mankato area

Whether you are currently unemployed or employed and searching for the next best thing, the Mankato area has plenty of tools and resources available to assist in your career search.  Your task is to find those resources and utilize them to find the best fit for you. 

While the unemployment rate increases in the Mankato area, your job searches may be more difficult, but not impossible.  You may have to do a little bit of extra digging, but I have come up with a list of resources to help make your career search less difficult and more rewarding.

Start with the MN Workforce center - Mankato located at 12 Civic Center Plaza in downtown Mankato.  They are open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and have many resources for job searchers in this area.  You can meet with a Career Counselor and utilize their free classes to enhance your search.  Their free classes range from computer skills to resume writing and beyond.  They also have several computers available to search online for job openings in Mankato and beyond. 

Your next step can be online search engines, like Careerbuilder and Monster.  You can also use printed resources like the Home Magazine, which is free, and the Mankato Free Press.  While these printed resources may have fewer options available from day-to-day, the Mankato Free Press does have job postings online through Monster.  Place your resume online and start applying for jobs.  Make sure you note what postings you apply for so you do not apply for the same job twice through the use of multiple search engines.  This is also helpful so you know who to call and follow-up with potential companies.

The next option would be networking and career fairs.  This is your chance to put a face to your resume and get to know more people who may know someone who may know of a job posting, etc.  These connections are a huge benefit in getting one step ahead of the other job searchers.  You may also learn key attributes about career development skills and learn more about your local area companies.  A professional reference from someone you met in a networking group can go a lot farther than just a resume and cover letter.

While these three options are key to a career search in the Mankato area, it is important you try all that you can to gain the opportunity for an interview.  Use creative techniques of approaching your local companies.  While they may not be hiring, at least you have gotten your resume to them in the chance they may hire in the future.  Make sure to use local hiring agencies to get free help in finding open jobs in the area.  Spherion has a local office in Mankato on Long Street, which is conveniently located a short distance from Madison Avenue. 

Most importantly - remember to keep trying.  While the market may be flooded with more unemployed individuals, the right job will come along if you just keep trying.  After being laid off in December and several positions applied for, I have found my dream company and love my new job.  Good luck and don't give up-your next job is out there waiting for you!


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