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Career progress in 2010

The new year is upon us.  Every year we write down our resolutions, and we strive to make a variety of changes.  With 2010 continuing a challenging career environment, undoubtedly many of us have made career resolutions.  However, many people shun writing resolutions, because they may fail to meet them by the year's end.  You don't have to fear not achieving your resolutions this year.  I have designated myseslf your personal career support specialist for 2010. 

This year we are going to commit to reaching our goals and making measurable career progress.  Note that I didn't say "career success."  We will focus on setting our goals and taking steps towards accomplishing them.  So, let's be aggressive.  Dare to write down your most courageous career goals.  Be specific.  Do you want a new position?  Do you desire a larger salary?  More flex time to allow you to better balance family and work life?  Have you always wanted to work overseas? 

We're doing away with pessimism, and we're tackling our career desires with courage and a 12 month commitment.  I'll be with you every step of the way to encourage, push, and keep you on track to achieving your most desired career aspirations.  Here's  to 2010, and here's to a more satisfying career for you.   


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