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Career paths to tread for success in banking jobs

Banking jobs have always been considered to offer a career which is both high-flying and growth oriented. The career path that you will tread will be specialized and swift. With major banks looking at expanding their operations, there has been an up-rise in banking jobs creation. So here in this article we will help you define the career path or the role that you might want to take up.

1. Financial Planner
A financial planners are responsible for strengthening a customer's financial portfolio by looking at the big picture; which is done by evaluating the financial data, finding loopholes in the structure and devising appropriate solutions depending upon the needs of the customers. In order to apply for this banking job one needs a certification in financial planning along with an MBA degree to make your prospects higher. Know-how of accounting, finance, statistics and economics; will come in handy for a day's job. Skills in research and critical thinking along with an expert level of communication skills; are the key essentials for this role in banking jobs.

2. Relationship Management
Relationship management is a client facing role, the main aim of this role is to attract new customers for financial products, sustain the ongoing relationships and build new ones. The essential skills to succeed in this role is; strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate financial ideas in a precise manner. Being a client-facing role, the capacity to work in teams and an engaging personality for face-to-face interaction will be an added advantage, when applying for banking jobs in this role.

3. Investment Bankers
One of the most glamorous profiles in banking jobs, however it is the most difficult job profiles to break into. Also being one the most challenging and equally rewarding job profiles, helps individuals to learn the nuances of investment banking in no time. Investment bankers are involved with generating information that helps business to make investment decisions. Which is done by analyzing financial statements, constructing financial models, preparing reports on proposed investment sectors, researching market trends and preparing spreadsheets and presentations for the management. The skills essential for this banking job are; excellent problem-solving, analytical and quantitative skills along with a strong work ethic and the ability to work under pressure.

All the positions mentioned above, can lead you to the top of banking jobs hierarchical pyramid provided your efforts are consistent and in the right direction. Many people who take up a banking job, make an escape in a month or two owing to the high amount of stress, leading to higher attrition rates. Once you prove your abilities and demonstrate your value; there shall be no looking back as far as your career in banking jobs is concerned.

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