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Career Opportunities for Ex-Military

As you leave the military, you have vast opportunities to utilize those specialized skills you developed during your military service. Resettlement training is available to all ex-military members based on the amount of time you spent in the military.

The training will prepare you for a new career, and provide you with funds for relocation and certifications.

Military Training-

Quite a few job markets prefer employees who have had military training. The security industry, for one, prefers ex-military members because they have basic skills already in handling weapons, combat, and threat assessment. You have also, through your military service, evidenced by the characteristics of service and willingness to self-sacrifice in order to protect your charges. Military personnel are known for being strongly convicted of their mission, being able to follow rules, and to make wise decisions in unethical situations.

Management Training

This is a broad field for which you will qualify for jobs in law enforcement and even education. Military personnel are often sought after for the field of education because of their experience with ethics and self discipline. This is also the area in which you would receive training as a bursar.

Security Industry

Resettlement training also covers the field of security. As a licensed Security Officer, you will operate as anything from an IT supervisor, protecting people and businesses from IT security breaches, to close-protection services for individuals. Military personnel are uniquely suited for this type of work.

With a job in the security industry, you may need to learn close combat skills, threat assessment, weapons handling, and many other aspects of security with which you are already familiar. Some veterans are attracted to the possibility as employment as a military contractor, or mercenary. In some cases, military contractors replace American or UN forces in areas of conflict. In fact, one security giant, G4S, is second in its number of employees only to Wal-Mart. The possibility of continuing your military service, and probably at higher pay, is very attractive in resettlement training. This type of work may mean guarding gates, manning machine-gun nests, escorting convoys, and aiding in evacuation of commercial and private personnel.

Maritime security is also popular for many ex-military personnel. With piracy once again at epidemic levels, many shippers use maritime security to protect their shipments.


Your training in the military may prepare you for work in the field in engineering in the civilian world. Once again, IT is a popular field for ex-military, as governments, businesses, medical facilities, and individuals all need networking capabilities, as well as protection from hackers. Electrical engineering is another field that is wide open for military veterans, as well as safety engineering.

Building Trades

Another area with many employment opportunities is the building trades. Some employers prefer to hire military veterans because of their work ethic, skills, and ethics. In the building industry, you can find secure employment in construction, dry lining, painting, and plumbing, as well as other aspects of this industry.

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