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Career Makeovers radio Q&A on Wearable Technology Coach from Health Tech, Part 2

Need for wearable technology coaches
Need for wearable technology coaches

The following the 2nd part of the August 19, 2014 KBYR “Tech Talk” with Chris Story radio Q&A discussing Career Makeovers. You can read Part I, here.

What are some examples of wearable technology?

Beecham research has a great charts that shows a variety of emerging devices so let’s look at health related applications.

· Professional/Medical for example is agree for professional use items such as head glasses for surgery and vision enhancement, wireless EEG (electroencephalogram) measure brain activity, biofeedback patches, head aids, ingestible sensors.

· Consumer/Wellness are devices targeted for the consumer to monitor personal wellness - anything from posture sensors, tracker bands, weight monitors, sensor foot soles, sun exposure.

· Sports/Applications for the active lifestyle such as activity tracking, smart training shows, bio harnesses, heated clothing, smart sunglasses.

What type of job areas do you think will benefit from wearable technology?

I think the people who are trainers for example who understand how to build personal training programs for clients can benefit by provide expertise and helping people monitor their long terms goals whether it be weight loss or performance. A Personal trainer can enhance their practices by integrating wearable health goals into the program.

What about for older people?

I think there is a big potential for older people and wearable health tech. Image if your care team and your family could keep informed about your vitals, your prescriptions from a remote location. Some of these ingestible sensors can potentially do a number of things include tracking medications, patient vitals and report this to a mobile device. I think people who have expertise in gerontology and technology could participate in this area.

How can people learn more about jobs and careers that might be in this area?

First, I would go out to the job boards and see what is out there. For example, I did a search for wearable technology jobs and found a number on Simply Hired for example internships, research etc.

Second, I would get up to speed on the industry and see if there are key websites and research on the area of interested. I mentioned Beechamn and IHS for example.

I would also look at your own industry a see what type of wearable technology might be emerging if it is healthcare, fitness, manufacturing etc., and learn about those technologies.

I also look at the crowdfunding sites to see what is new and what people are trying to secure funds for. Such as indegogo and kickstarter .

I think wearable technology is one of these emerging areas like mobile was years ago and social media where people who got on board early and became experts could excel because they beat the rush.

Are there any wearable technology programs in education?

You know I have not seen a certificate yet but I am sure someone will pursue that in a variety of areas. Right now I see a lot of conferences and forums where people convene to share the latest and greatest.

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