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Career Makeover: Writer to Influencer

Fast Writer
Fast Writer

The following is an excerpt from a KBYR “Tech Talk” with Chris Story radio Q&A discussing Career Makeovers.

Q- Today’s topic is it time for a career makeover and the job you are talking about today is writer to influencer?

Yes I receive many inquiries from working people who are thinking about transitioning a current career path and also from students trying to determine education choices given the increased use of technology. Sadly I have had a number of calls from frustrated journalist majors who are looking to reinvent themselves in a digital world. I thought this would be a timely topic for today.

Q- Does journalism pay?

A journalist can make anywhere from $30K a year to over $60 K a year in firm jobs. And of course if you are a block buster writer/author (example JK Rowling and Harry Potter) there are no limits to the possibilities. Many journalists will say however that it is a calling or passion that they pursue rather than a money maker. And we do need great journalists in the world.

Q- I seems like everyone is blogging and writing. Can a journalist get a job today?

While on-line content has opened up a lot of avenues for writers, many journalist majors tell me that they either can’t get a job, are asked to write for free, are bidding on low paying writing opportunities competing against a global marketing place of writers, or are freelancing with a number of project which for some is uncomfortable because it involves active bidding for projects. I think today it is even more important to set yourself apart from the pack and create an in demand brand for your work.

Here are a variety of writing jobs and salaries from Indeed.

Q. What is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone who is well-connected, in-the-know; someone you go to for advice, direction, knowledge and opinions. An influencer can range from a CEOs, to a key thinker, Creative People, technology experts, bloggers, journalists and other experts. Some examples include Warren Buffet – finance, Richard Branson- entrepreneurship etc.

Q. How does an influencer make money?

Many writer’s blogs have become influential because they are interesting, provide useful information, new angles on a trendy news items, or expertise on a subject that can range from wine tasting to hiking. As a result these people are followed by many readers and may be pursued by firms (for money) seeking to receive product or service mentions by the blogger as they have influence in a market space.

Q. How does a writer transition to become an influencer?

First, I think a writer needs to think about branding. Are you an expert in something? Do you have a unique angle that you report on? Why would someone choose to read your content rather than other options that are in the market today? Second, I think they need to think about presence and distribution. Where are you on line? Are you present? Do you write regularly? Do you have a blog, FB, Google+ twitter accounts that help distribute your content to build your audience?

Q. What else should they think about?

Influencers have large followings whether it be on twitter, LinkedIn, FB, this blogs and people naturally want to subscribe to their content and share it with others so that the information will accelerate more and more followers. So for example maybe you are a wine expert, or a food expert, or a fix it expert how can you package yourself to stand out from all the other experts that people can go to.

Stay tuned for Part II, Posting here on August 7th

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