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Career Makeover: Health Tech to Wearable Technology Coach

Health Tech Equipment
Health Tech Equipment

The following the 1st part of the August 19, 2014 KBYR “Tech Talk” with Chris Story radio Q&A discussing Career Makeovers.

Today’s Topic: Career Makeover - Health Tech to Wearable Technology Coach

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology is a term used to cover a variety of applications and devices that have computer capabilities and you can wear. Some popular examples are the fit bit by Nike, google glass, twitter dresses and trees, Apple’s testing and I watch to a smart hoodie that that recognize gestures and send text messages.

What are some of the areas where we will see wearable technology?

According to IHS research the main areas will include fitness and health, healthcare and medical, industrial and military and infotainment

So it wearable technology a big new area?

Let’s look at something that everyone is aware of today: the wearable technology wrist band. Projections are that wearable tech bands in 2014 will grow 250% as we have more manufactures Nike, Samsung, Apple.

Some research projects it will be a $8 Billion market by 2018.

So you see healthcare as a key area that people could look at for jobs and careers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistice suggests that Healthcare in general is a big area of jobs and employment. It projects that healthcare jobs will increase 10.8% or add 15.8 million jobs by 2022.

And people who are savvy about wearable technology could benefit from this growth?

Yes if you look at healthcare, medical, fitness and wellness there could be a number of jobs and careers that will spin off in the industry for those who have subject matter expertise and an affinity for technology and gadgets. (

Check back the afternoon 8-19-2014 for Part II of this article.

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