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Spring is here and it’s all about rejuvenation. While many will engage in seasonal cleaning, you should take the time to review your career, especially if you are happy with it. This year, let’s make spring the time to conduct a career review and keep your days sunny. Evaluate your role, workplace, and accomplishments to remind yourself of how far you've come in order to identify where you may want to go. Here are a few areas to ponder:

1. What role are you playing at work every day? Is it a role that you want to play? Leadership position or support position…both have different characteristics, duties, and outcomes. Whichever role you are playing, are you happy with it? Most importantly, do you still enjoy doing it? If not, how can you step into the role that you want?

2. Are you happy with the environment? Cubicle or office…we all work in different areas depending on the situation. Is your area acceptable to you and conducive to the job that you are doing? If not, what can you do? How can you affect your environment and make it better?

3. Do you feel accomplished? What great thing(s) took place because of your intervention? Can you continue doing this to feel like a driving force within your position and organization? Sometimes, looking back on past achievements can influence us to look forward to many more.

After you've conducted this career review, you’ll be able to see what is ahead. Remember, the renewal cycle of spring happens only once a year. Take the time to review your career today to support your goals tomorrow.