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Career Fair Tips for Job Seekers

Career Fair
Career Fair
Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

The career fair season is among us. When you plan to seek for a new job at a career fair, there are a few things that if you know, you might be just a notch ahead someone perhaps as qualified as you. It’s a jungle out there and everyone wants that amazing job when they attend a career fair. So, be a step ahead of everyone and go out there with courage and confidence.

Here are the steps every job seeker attending a career fair needs to take to have a successful experience, and a new job, of course.

Getting Ready
By getting ready we mean that you need to prepare yourself for the career fair as you should. First of all, look up the companies that will attend the fair, mostly the ones that interest you and make sure you know a bit about your future employer. Check out the company's web site, mission, open positions, and general information before you talk to the hiring managers. Then of course, it’s the fair day. You need to get there properly dressed and on time, before the lines start forming. Dress formally and have all the necessary tools and supplies with you. A few extra resumes, pens, business cards, an agenda and everything you find necessary. Practice a way of presenting yourself so that you don’t miss essential info about you and look secure.

Real Life Networking
There’s no better place to create a professional network of hiring managers, other specialists in your field because you never know when you find something that might help. Also, by getting to know people in your field and giving them your business cards, they’ll remember you as well. Attend workshops if there are any and get out there. Shake hands with confidence, show enthusiasm and ask as many questions as necessary. Last but not least, show your real interest of getting hired by these companies and thank at the end.
Don’t forget to take notes if you are appointed any job interviews or anything else, collect as many business cards and keep your spirits high. In the end, this is what you want and this is what you’re looking for: a brand new job in your field of activity. Also, be yourself! I wish all the best in your job search process.

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