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Career fair at Rasmussen College - February 18

Whether you currently have a job or you are looking for something new, join me at the Rasmussen College Career Fair on February 18 from 3-5:30 pm.  Come early and stay late.  Network with local companies and you could possibly land your dream career.  Make sure to bring several resumes and dress above the rest. 

Wear a suit and please do not wear jeans!  No matter what job you expect to apply for, it is very important you dress appropriately.  See my previous article about dress policies  While I did add a section in that article about jeans, that was more for your work attire - not a job interview.  Black suit with white dress shirt and black socks - keep it simple. 

Rasmussen College in Mankato is located on Saint Andrews Drive.  Go to Rasmussen College Career Fair for more details.


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