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Career as an Impersonator: The Job of a Celebrity look-alike in Music or Movies

Throughout Toronto, Montreal, various cities within Canada and worldwide; there has been a growing trend of performing artists who've become known in the Media and quite attractive to the public eye due to their natural, birth-given traits or physical attributes causing them to be mistaken for 'someone famous'! They are the LOOK-ALIKE personalities of this world! Somehow, their lives have lead them down the path, following their talents and nurtured skills of 'imitating renowned characters or music artists', while performing on stage! They are known as the world's CELEBRITY IMPERSONATORS - who have successfully been able to create jobs for themselves; leading to an extremely fruitful career! Whether they practice their art form weekly, or don't need any practice at all (as some people just have a flare or a knack for impersonating others since their own childhood); they leave an everlasting impression that is enjoyable, humorous, tributary, respectful and most of all....ENLIGHTENING!

Take a look at a successful candidate who's described as 'SIMPLY THE BEST' - Actress & Vocalist MANOUCHKA creates a TINA TURNER themed performance that uplifts audiences worldwide!
CELEBRITY IMPERSONATOR JOBS (Music/Movies) - Take a look at a successful candidate who's described as 'SIMPLY THE BEST' - Actress & Vocalist MANOUCHKA creates a TINA TURNER themed performance that uplifts audiences worldwide!
Photo of Manouchka from shared by Jobs Journalist, Career Coach Arlanna Alie of News
CELEBRITY IMPERSONATOR JOBS (Music/Movies) - Take a look at a successful candidate who's described as 'SIMPLY THE BEST' - Actress & Vocalist MANOUCHKA creates a TINA TURNER themed performance that uplifts audiences worldwide!
Photo from shared by Jobs Journalist, Recruiter, Career Coach Arlanna Alie of News

Imagine having a job that enables you to act, dress, impress, be creative, imitate, sing, dance and make people laugh (or cry for joy) as you perform on stage! One would receive gigs at various tourist attractions, entertainment venues, weddings, birthday events, fashion shows and movie sets!

One example of a look-alike individual can be seen on the infamous episodes of the reality show entitled 'I WANT TO MARRY HARRY', as featured on Fox T.V.

- which displays a young man whose features have deemed him to be a 98% match (based on facial and bodily characteristics) to the Royal Prince Harry of Wales (born in London, England, U.K., brother to William and son to the throne of his mother: the late beloved Princess Diana, son to father Prince Charles, grandson to Queen Elizabeth II ). There are American young ladies who wish to compete for his heart. In this series, he does not admit to being the real Prince, as he withholds his identity until the very end. All ladies understand this particular rule of playing the dating game as they wait patiently to discover his true identity as an impersonator.

Having lived in France; hailing from her hometown in Montréal, Québec, Canada (which is a bilingual French-English speaking nation): there is ONE very popular impersonator who continues to move mountains with her celebrity performance!

She is recognized as the Canadian, Internationally renowned TINA TURNER LOOK-A-LIKE, actress/vocalist 'MANOUCHKA'!

Audiences have described her as 'Simply The Best' - a slogan coined after the actual title of the Platinum Gold Hit Song by the world's Queen of Rock 'n' Roll - 'Tina Turner' ! MANOUCHKA has already performed across North America and Europe! The U.S.A has embraced her talents, given her outstanding career portfolio and on-stage experience!

Take a look at some of her mind-blowing performances by CLICKING on this VIDEO ARCHIVE LINK HERE! Her showcase presence on Twitter and Facebook is highly evident based on the size of her fan base!


If one already 'looks like someone who is globally known; the next step would be for one to study his/her mannerisms, history, personality, music and appearance. Some candidates already know how to dress and behave like celebrities, whether those icons are living or legendary having passed on. These performances are welcomed in different language, while in a variety of settings. Typically, an impersonator already possesses (at least) a passing resemblance to a celebrity, and uses this particular aspect as a building block for the act of impersonation, completing the image by mimicking the dress, speech patterns, language, and behavior of the celebrity; whom one resembles. Celebrity impersonation can be a career for a talented impersonator, or it can be a hobby which someone enjoys engaging in. It has been said that society expects there to be an unwritten rule that in order to remain 'ethical' in this profession, one must make it extremely clear that one is ONLY an impersonator and one is NOT the ACTUAL CELEBRITY - as one wishes to make an honorable tribute by expressing the art form or music of that individual.

Depending on how successful one's act becomes, these public appearances lead to more open doors of success! Some impersonators do their job so well that it's often difficult for the audience to 'know the difference' between the imitator and the real celebrity. Having stated that point; one can truly say that impersonators are also celebrities in their own right! It takes one to know one.

EDUCATION: - Some helpful courses one might consider are those which concentrate on:

Directing and Theatrical Production
Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General
Dramatic/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft, Other
Musical Theatre

In CANADA, there are various schools that offer ACTING COURSES, as listed on,, The UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, RYERSON THEATRE SCHOOL,


SELF-CREATED JOBS or GIGS that one might consider to promote one's Celebrity Act may include the following opportunities:

Become a SINGING TELEGRAM IMPERSONATOR with an organization known as

Add your name to the list as an 'ELVIS IMPERSONATOR' in CANADA with

The Best Toronto Impersonators on

Hire Look-Alikes in Montreal, Toronto or N.Y on


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