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Whether a new job seeker or career changer, now is a great time to revise your job search strategy. A few adjustments here and there can make make all the difference in today’s competing job market. If you've been job-hunting for months, with what you believe to be a good resume and cover letter, it can be extremely frustrating when your job search isn’t leading to employment. An effective job search requires more than just sending out resumes. To become a savvy job seeker follow these simple steps.

  • Employer List- As you begin your job search, realize that you are also creating your career path. Be sure to seek employment that brands' and supports' you in that effort. Make a list of desired employers- be sure to detail as much information about potential employers as possible such as their services or products, their customer base, and also available employment positions.
  • Job board websites – job board websites such as Career Builder and Monster will assist you with finding jobs that match your interests and location. In addition to their notary, many employers seek their assistance when hunting for suitable candidates. Many job board websites not have “Apply Now” buttons. Which makes applying for jobs much easier than in the past. Simply sign up for a free job alert email service which will deliver job listings directly to your inbox, freeing up your time that could be better spent networking face to face.
  • Resumes – The purpose of a resume is to document a person’s education and skills. Keep in mind that once posted on-line to websites such as, Linked or Career Builder; your resume becomes a public sales ad to draw in potential employers. Remember, resumes and social media alike are your personal brand, so be sure to maintain a professional image. Be sure to proofread and correct any grammar and spelling errors. Provide examples of good performance from previous employers, making sure to include any accomplishments that will make you more preferable than other applicants. Also be aware that many companies use software to screen for relevant keywords (terminology pertaining to your field) in selecting qualified applicant resumes. Be sure that you’re using up-to-date terminology to describe your work experience.

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