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Care Inspires Care: Celebrating the spirit of caring

Leading to and during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Johnson & Johnson was inspired to make the world a more caring place through their unique "Care Inspires Care” program. The program shines a spotlight on community members who perform extraordinary acts of care for others.

Performing acts of care inspires those around you to care for others too
Performing acts of care inspires those around you to care for others too
Sandy Wallace

Renowned children's author Patricia Lakin joined the caring effort when she visited a New York City elementary school to talk to children about her views on caring as portrayed in her book “Once Upon a Care”.

After the children shared their stories of caring with her, Lakin worked with illustrators to transform the stories into books. As the children read the books to their parents, the parents could see how their caring actions positively impacted their children's view of the world and resulted in their children engaging in acts of care.

People can download a digital copy of the book after watching the "Once Upon a Care" video. For each download, Johnson & Johnson will donate a hard copy of the book to a school library.

Parents are well-versed in caring for their children. A parent's small acts of love and care are mirrored in the love and care their children show to others.

A spirit of care and helping others may begin at home, but it doesn't end there. Parents also teach their children to care for others through their actions, both big and small.

When a parent stops to drop a donation in a Salvation Army kettle, a child learns that one person can make a difference. When a parent donates canned goods to a food bank, gives blood or buys holiday gifts for those who are less fortunate, a child learns that small acts of caring and kindness are important.

Join in the movement to care and help celebrate the spirit of caring together as you continue to spread more care in the world. Perform acts of care for people around you and you will inspire them to do the same.

Celebrate the spirit of caring in your home and within your community. Through your actions, teach your children to care. As you give of yourself to others, your actions will inspire those around you to do the same. Care inspires care.

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