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Care and tips for ear infections in dogs

Happiness is no ear infection, no pain!  I am happy, happy, happy!

Ear infections are common occurrences for many dogs, especially the breeds with long, floppy ears. The reason is that air does not get within the ear canal to keep the area dry; moisture builds up and develops into a yeast or bacterial infection. If you suspect your dog has an ear infection, be sure to contact your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home so that you can get a diagnosis and proper treatment.

The medical term for a dog’s ear infection is Otitis Externa, simply meaning, inflammation of the outer ear. At least 20 percent of all dogs will contract an ear infection at some point in their lives; one of the main reasons for most veterinary visits. Majority of ear infections begin on the outer ear but can extend to the inner ear.

Ear infections can be the result of various conditions, aside from having long floppy ears. These types of dogs are more susceptible to ear infections. Other dogs can be affected because of water or hair within the ear canal, trauma, allergies, foreign material in the ear, tumors, generalized skin diseases and autoimmune disease. There can be many different underlying issues that causes ear infections; ear mites, bacteria and fungal organisms. If you can detect the problem early on, you may be able to treat your pet’s ear infection at home.

How effective treatment is depends on the type of infection and its underlying cause. A typical approach to treatment is to first restrain your dog and get a good look within the ear. Clean any debris from the ear with a commercial ear cleaner. If there are any signs of blood, extreme irritation, swelling and redness, you may need to seek professional medical help at the vet’s office.

Use prescribed medications as administered by your doctor. Some pet owners recommend the use of Dr Dogs Ear Oil 60 mL Pet Ear Infection Treatment and Ear Cleaner. It is an all-natural solution to the discomfort of ear infections in dogs. However, realize that there are different types of ear infections, depending on the cause. Before using anything, ensure you speak with your vet first.

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