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Cards under the Stars


On July 16th, the University of Louisville will host the second outdoor movie event in its Cards under the Stars series. Last month was a hit as 400 people showed up to view the Disney/Pixar classic Toy Story. Movies are often aimed at children or adults. Pixar has an impressive resume of films that appeal to everyone. The folks at UofL have recognized the need for families to watch good, quality films together. Plus, you can watch them under a beautiful Kentucky sky.

The success of Toy Story last month has caused the university to try and repeat that success with another Pixar classic. They opened this one up to the university personnel, family and friends to choose between Finding Nemo, A Bugs Life, Monsters, Inc. and Up! Voting ends on June 25th but regardless of the tally, a great movie will be enjoyed.

Throughout its award-winning history, Pixar has been known as an innovator of film. The company has created some of the most memorable stories and characters that have ever graced a screen. Based on box office numbers, that fact should come as no surprise. Even if you have watched these films before, most parents know that Pixar films still hold up after many, many viewings.


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