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CardNet: The iOS App That Makes Creating And Sharing Business Cards A Breeze

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CardNet is a newly released iOS app designed to meet the requirements of business persons who are constantly on-the-go and need an easy way to interact with their partners and contacts. The app which is available for both iPhone and iPad greatly simplifies the means of creating a new business card as well as sharing it with different contacts and individuals later on. Based on a unified interface, the app provides all necessary business card creation and transfer options right on the main screen. Some of these application's highlights include:

Ability to Create Professional, High-Impact Business Cards in Less than a Minute:

Once users download and install the CardNet app, the next step in chronological order involves configuring a personal business card. The process is very simple thanks to the application's user-friendly interface, requiring no more than few taps and slides. One has to provide the name, phone, company, e-mail, website (if applicable), address and zip code (optional), details which are to be seen in the form of a virtual business card by the receivers. CardNet's interface puts an emphasis on the important details of the owner, making them highly convenient for access on a remote iOS device.

Share Business Cards with Phone Contacts and Other iOS Possessors:

Once a business card is created within the app, CardNet allows the owner to easily share it with available contacts or business partners via sms, e-mail or device "shake". The shake feature is one of the newest inventions of its kind, enabling one to instantly share his/her business card just by slightly shaking the iPhone or iPad. In this regard, the app offers users five free scans that can be used to transfer data with nearby iOS owners. More scans can be purchased from within the app later on for only a small price.

Schedule Appointments with a Dedicated Calendar Feature:

For users who plan on meeting their business partners or colleagues at a later date, CardNet also offers an innovative calendar feature. With its aid one can schedule several different appointments, which will then be automatically signaled by the owner's iPhone before the set date. This feature is especially useful for those who want to get a quick reminder of business partner's details just before the actual meeting.

Synchronize Mobile Contacts and Organize Business Cards with Ease:

Another innovative feature of the app relies in the possibility to synchronize existing data with all phone contacts. In this case, business cards created by friends or colleagues will be automatically retrieved on the user's iPhone, which receives the possibility of using the information at a convenient date. Moreover, CardNet also enables its owners to organize business cards in a convenient manner, based on their importance. Alternatively, the received cards can also be displayed based on how often they are accessed, which gives a person the ability to save extra time when the need to contact a partner arises.


All in all, CardNet is an app that greatly simplifies the process of business card creation and sharing. Being optimized for iPhone 5, the app offers several convenient features to its users, including the ability to synchronize business cards with a simple device shake or schedule appointments with their contacts.