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Cardinals sign 29th round pick for above slot

The Cardinals have agreed to terms with 29th round pick Bryan Dobzanski.
The Cardinals have agreed to terms with 29th round pick Bryan Dobzanski.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals have agreed to terms with RHP Bryan Dobzanski, their 29th round pick, to a $700,000 bonus. The recommended bonus amount for any pick after the 10th round is $100,000; the $600,000 difference will come out of their bonus pool.

Dobzanski was committed to Louisville; he told the Cardinals when he was drafted that it would take $750,000 to buy him out of that commitment. The righty has a fastball that touches the low 90s, but should be able to add velocity as he continues to mature. He ranked 73rd on's Top 116 Draft Prospects.

Under the current draft rules, Major League Baseball has assigned a value to each pick in the first 10 rounds; the dollar value of those will make up the draft pool each team has to spend. If a team exceeds their draft pool by up to 5%, a team is taxed on the overage. If the team spends more than 5% over their pool, they will lose future draft picks. Any pick after the 10th round has a slot value of $100,000; if a team spends more on one of those picks, as the Cardinals have in this case, the overage will be applied to the bonus pool.

Prior to the deal, the Cardinals were $448,500 below their max pool amount (without being taxed). The Cardinals were able to make this large commitment by signing some college seniors for below slot deals, which has become common practice. The Cardinals will now be $251,500 over their pool amount, so that amount will be taxed.

Dobzanski is the 28th player the Cardinals have signed from their draft class. His signing means that the team will not be signing 11th round pick Justin Bellinger; Bellinger would also require a large bonus to bypass college, but the funds won't be there now.