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Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina leaves snack on home plate for brother Jose

Yadier Molina leaves a snack for brother Jose on home plate on July 23, 2014.
Yadier Molina leaves a snack for brother Jose on home plate on July 23, 2014.
Cork Gaines, Twitter

No matter what side of this particular matchup you might have been on last night, you can’t deny that this brotherly gesture was kind of adorable.

The Tampa Bay Rays were in St. Louis Wednesday to wrap up an interleague series against the Cardinals, which set up a rare brother-against-brother situation between Rays catcher Jose Molina and little brother Yadier, who also happens to be a big-league catcher for the Cards and is currently sidelined with an injured thumb ligament.

Just before the bottom of the first inning got started, Yadier made sure his big brother wouldn’t be dealing with any hunger pangs by sending third base coach Jose Oquendo out to home plate to drop off not one, but two little packages of cheese and peanut butter crackers. In the video posted by, you can see the drop-off, Yadier cracking up from the dugout, and Jose sticking them in his back pocket to save for later (he apparently played the whole first inning with them in there).

Perhaps Jose will pay it forward next month when the Rays visit the Texas Rangers. Bengie Molina, the oldest of the three brothers and a former MLB catcher himself, is currently a first base coach for the Rangers.

The moment with the crackers reminded two Rays announcers of a similar occurrence from 1988, when Terry Pendleton (also a Cardinal at the time) left a cheeseburger on third base for umpire Eric Gregg, who had a good laugh over it and pretended to take a bite.

In other MLB weirdness from last night’s slate, two players continued an odd, yet amusing trend that began during the 2013 postseason. You may remember Game 6 of the NCLS, when Scott Van Slyke of the Dodgers and Joe Kelly of the Cardinals participated in a standoff to see who would budge from their national anthem spots first (Van Slyke won, but only after the home plate umpire yelled at them to get off the field so the game could commence). During yesterday’s Washington/Colorado game, Aaron Barrett of the Nationals and Brandon Barnes of the Rockies did the same thing, prompting support from their teammates in the form of sunscreen and pep talks.

Barnes proposed a game of rock-paper-scissors to break the standoff but ultimately moved away first after the first base umpire urged him to get off the field as the starters got into place.

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