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Card Holder Services, what are they doing?

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I have gotten my last call from Rachel, Carman and Bridget of Card Holder Services for well over a hundred times. I hit the number three (3) on my phone many of those times to get my name taken off their call list! One week I got called 3 times a day for 5 days in a row. Now that is bothersome and irritating! They even call on weekends.

I have attempted to talk to the person who is to help me if I have credit card debt and tried to tell to them they are wasting there time because I have no credit cards! Most of the time they hang up immediately without a word! A very few hear me out and say they will have my name taken off the list. It never happens.

Recently I have even sunk to giving them false information about my credit with the intention of wasting their time. False credit cards, false debt numbers, they say they are going off to do research on me! It takes about ten minutes to do that. When they come back it seems they know nothing about me. Now when they go to do the research I just hang up wasting their time. I thought perhaps that would wake them up. Not a chance!

I called the National Do Not Call Registry to have my name removed from their list. Obviously that isn’t working either. The infamous Card Holder Services comes up as a nuisance at the top of the list when you Google their name. The Federal Trade Commission says efforts against Rachel have reduced complaints to 150,000 a month. One has to wonder are our Federal Agencies capable of accomplishing anything productive or do they exist only for their own benefit.

How can this obvious con artist be on the loose for so long annoying and irritating so many people that a reduction of 150,000 a month is possible? What is it they are really doing?