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Card games for kids: Winter weather fun

Fun card games for kids can dispel winter blues
Fun card games for kids can dispel winter blues
Thos Robinson, Getty Images

During winter months, you may find your list of indoor activities for kids growing shorter the longer you’re stuck inside. When the kids are bored, the winter weather forecast remaining the same for weeks on end can really make everyone cranky. When winter is getting you down, try these cool games for kids. They only take a few minutes of preparation time and they are great games for all ages.

You will need:

Posterboard or cardboard, multiple copies of small, hand-drawn or computer generated images, scissors, glue or glue stick. Laminating machine or packing tape optional.

To prepare:

Draw or print out the following images: Snowball, snow fort, igloo, snowflake, snowman, sun

Make six to eight copies of each image except for the sun. Make just five to eight copies of the sun. The images can be the size of a regular playing card or smaller. Cut out the images and glue them to equally-sized cards cut from posterboard or cardboard. For durability, you can use a laminating machine, or packing tape to cover the cards in plastic.

To begin the game:

Lay all the cards face down on the table and mix them up.

Children take turns choosing one card and laying it face up in front of them. Play continues until someone draws the card with the sun on it. Since the sun can melt all the snow creations, the person who drew the sun takes all the cards the other players have accumulated. Play then continues with each child drawing cards once again. Each times someone draws the sun card, the stacks of cards can shift hands. The player with the most cards when all the cards have been drawn from the table, wins the game.


To play a variation of this card game, lay all the cards out on the table face down. Children take turns drawing a card. For every snow creation card they choose, they earn five points. When a child draws the sun card, they lose ten points. You can either keep a log of points or simply have the child put two cards back onto the table face down. However, the sun cards never go back into play. When all the cards have been drawn, the child with the most points wins the game.

If you need more ideas for fun indoor games for kids, check out the suggested by the author section below.

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