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Carbonite Offer Code –Ticket to Cheap and Reliable Online Backup Service

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The loss of data can be really inconvenient, no matter what type of PC user you are (business or private user). This is also one of the reasons why so many people are looking for a Click here to see the latest Carbonite offers codes that will give them discount for this great service. There are many ways to store your data and online backup is certainly the easiest and safest way to do that. There are many online backup services and Carbonite is certainly one of the most popular on the market because of its user friendly interface, good support, low price and few other things that give this service advantage over other services of this type. Before we talk about the codes let’s see how exactly Carbonite works.

First and foremost, Carbonite works on both PC and Mac so most computer users will find this service compatible with their devices. Carbonite is not a browser-based backup service, so users will have to install a separate program in order to use it. This additional program is not very big and doesn’t require much CPU memory. What makes Carbonite special is that this program actually chooses the files and folders that you use more frequently and places them in an upload queue that leads to its data center. In this way you won’t have to waste time to choose these files before you upload them in the end of your computer session. You just need to click upload and you are good to go. Of course, there is an option that allows users to manually add files and folders that they want to store virtually and it takes only few clicks to store them. The only thing that is considered to be a problem when it comes to this service is the fact that you cannot automatically store files that are over 4 GB. You can only manually store these files one at a time. This is not a big problem for most users but those who work with larger files (for example some video projects) might find this as a disadvantage. However, once you get used to it, it won’t cause any problems. After all, the manual backup requires only few clicks and lasts only few seconds.

This piece of software automatically back up the data but only when you are not actually working on your computer. This means that when you start typing or start hovering with your mouse on the screen the program stops with the transfer of data. This feature is very useful especially for those who have computers with weak performance or those who have not very fast internet connection. In this way you can get the maximum from your computer while you are using it.

Just like any other service of this kind, Carbonite is helpful when it comes to restoring data. The designers of this program/service have made restoring data very easy. In a matter of seconds you can recover files and whole folders that were backed up in the data center. On top of that, you can use and open the files and folders that were backed up on any computer (PC or Mac) that is connected to the internet. The access to them is limited with a username and password (something that only you know). In other words, you can access the files no matter where you are – at home, at your office, at school and even abroad. You don’t have to use an USB device, burn DVDs or carry an external hard disk drive.

What most people like about Carbonite is the level of protection it provides for its users. This program is using a specific encryption that is usually used by organizations that need high level of security for their data (government agencies, banks etc.). Your files will be perfectly safe and encrypted while they are located in the data center. Furthermore, Carbonite allows users to place additional protection for their data. You can add custom encryption key so besides the regular username/password protection you will get another one. Keep in mind that using this encryption key can have a counter effect because if you forget your key you won’t be able to access your files. When it comes to safety of the data center itself, Carbonite has all the files in one data center which is completely safe. Other online backup service providers have several data centers.

The interface of this program is simple and intuitive. You can use the context menu to back up the files that you think should be stored. Another great feature is that if one file has been backed up and it was later modified, Carbonite will automatically detect that change and it will automatically back up the changed version of that file. If you want to see which files have been backed up you can browse the folders and see which files have dots next to them. These dots mean that those files are either backed up or they are in the queue. With this program you don’t have to worry if your computer is stolen or stopped working because all your data can be recovered from Carbonite’s website. Besides the very detailed Frequently Asked Questions section and the guide you can find on their website, you can always use their 24/7 support service (via e-mail, phone or even a live chat).

Carbonite is one of the most reliable, efficient and cost affordable online backup services. As we have mentioned before the popularity of this service is growing even more because of the many discounts that can be found on the internet. With a proper Carbonite offer code, potential users can get up to 20% lower prices for this service. These offer codes are available for users worldwide and don’t require any special terms to be used. Using them is very easy and all you have to do is find a reliable source that provides these codes and use the one that suits you.