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Carbonite internet backup for small business and individuals

Web Page of Carbonite
Web Page of Carbonite
Web Page of Carbonite

One of the biggest problems I see with small businesses and individuals is backups. They forget to do them regularly and they don’t monitor them. I suspect that is because they are juggling so many facets of business and life, they aren’t investing the time to address this critical issue.

Often I don’t get called by these companies until it is too late to salvage their lost data. I often work with them to install a backup system and encourage them to use it and test it regularly.

Recently I tried a new approach, Carbonite. I found that it offered the individual and small company a wide variety of options for backing up at a reasonable price. While there are a variety of options available, the starting price is $59. a year.

The initial backup takes a while depending on your internet speed. You can still use your computer during the initial backup. Subsequent backups take less time as Carbonite only saves new files and previously back up files that have changed. You can back up your documents, e-mail, photos and music.

They have more expensive plans that allow you to take a mirror image of your operating system and programs. This is helpful in the event of a computer crash and you may want to consider this as well. I spend lots of time with clients whose computers have crashed as they try to find the disks or the information for the software that they have legally purchased so that I can reinstall it on their PCs.

Carbonite allows you to restore to a new PC. I like this as well as often when a computer crashes, it is cost effective to upgrade to a new PC.

The more expensive plans offer a Courier Recovery feature which allows you to get a copy of your backup shipped to your home and office. This allows you, in the event of a problem, to be able to reinstall more quickly and not wait on the down time over the internet.

Another feature that I like is that you can keep up to 12 copies of a file. Quite often we see a problem where a file isn’t deleted, but is overwritten by another file accidently. This is the ultimate undo allowing you to go back twelve versions to recover a lost document.

I do recommend for individuals and small businesses that when weighing your backup options that they consider Carbonite.


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