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Carbon monoxide poisoning at NY restaurant kills manager, sends 29 to hospital

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills 1 and sends 29 to hospital at Long Isand restaurant..
Carbon monoxide poisoning kills 1 and sends 29 to hospital at Long Isand restaurant..
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Carbon monoxide poisoning, if you think it comes in the dead of night while people sleep, think again. Carbon monoxide has killed one and sent another 29 people to the hospital at a restaurant in a Long Island mall, according to NBC New York on Feb. 23.

Suffolk County police report rescue workers were called to a Long Island restaurant at the Walt Whitman Shops after a woman had fallen and hit her head in the restaurant’s basement. When police and emergency personal arrived, they started to feel dizzy and nauseated. This is when they knew something was wrong.

They tested the Legal Sea Foods restaurant for carbon monoxide and got their answer, something was very wrong, as high levels of the gas were detected inside the eatery’s basement.

The restaurant was evacuated along with two adjacent restaurants and it was during the evacuation that they found Steven Nelson, the Legal Seafood’s 55-year-old restaurant manager dead on the basement floor.

"Fox and Friends Weekend" live on Sunday morning reports that dozens were transported to hospitals, which included some of the rescue workers and police, along with the restaurant staff. They report that along with the woman who fell in the basement, other people started fainting. One customer said they were quickly told to "get out" but were not given a reason for the abrupt evacuation at the time.

Officials believe it is the restaurant heating system that is to blame for the carbon monoxide poisonings. They are concentrating their investigation around the system.

The carbon monoxide poisoning cases seem to be confined to the basement of this restaurant, as this is where the manager was found dead and where the woman fell and hit her head.

The mall remained open, but the Legal Sea Foods restaurant along with the Cheesecake Factory and Panera, two other neighboring restaurants, remained closed. The investigation is on-going today.

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