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Carbon Monoxide Don't Rely on your Nose

Don't Take Carbon Monoxide Lightly
Don't Take Carbon Monoxide Lightly
Photo by Rich Polk

WORLDWIDE NEWS So tonight my sister Paulette shares with Marsha my wonderful wife about the dear friends lost yesterday in an obvious Carbon Monoxide poisoning that took the lives of both husband and wife in their home in Illinois. Let me share with you as I've done on several occasions (CO) is a gas that is both odorless and colorless. Now to make myself point blank clear it emanates from anything that produces combustible fumes. Heaters, fireplaces, mufflers, grills, vehicle engines and portable generators. Take time to read over 9 years of Life Safety Advocacy Reports that I've written for the sole purpose of proactively preventing the loss of lives as a full time ministry.

Carbon Monoxide has Signs and Symptoms that we need to know and the most common is a dull headache, weakness, nausea, vomiting, confusion and in some instances I am told chest pains. Now please take time to fully understand that the actual poisoning happens when you inhale this air especially in places that are not well ventilated. Closed in spaces is where my Firefighter friends have shared is where the amount of carbon monoxide increases rapidly. Like leaving a car running in a garage. OK you that have been on the Life Safety Ride with me know my favorite little saying is " You are not fighting fire you are not fighting (CO) you are fighting time" very precious little time where every move you make has to be perfect....period. Please don't try to treat this condition or conditions yourself call 911 and do not try to drive yourself to the hospital as you may pass out. Proactive Prevention is the key.