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Caravan Palace stops in Boston on their 2014 world tour

Caravan Palace stops in Boston during their 2014 world tour!
Caravan Palace stops in Boston during their 2014 world tour!
Photos: Provided by the band.

Caravan Palace, known for their upbeat electric swing, is touring the world in 2014 and stopping in Boston to perform at the Paradise Rock Club, 967 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA. (617)562-8800 on April 1, 2014.

Caravan Palace
All photos provided by the band.

Their second album entitled, Panic, should top their first album which sold more than 150,000 copies and continues their amazing adventure. It's electronic music with a swing and it's a new sound.

Caravan Palace has been called the surprise break out band of the decade having come together in 2007, this band went on the road before even releasing their first album. They quickly gathered a following, the word is out and their break out song, Jolie Coquine, is playing everywhere. The record was released a year later, and it was an immediate hit.

In 2010, the band took a break to sit down and come up with new songs. Each band member works in his own musical lab before exchanging files with the others. Forty songs and six months later, they go back in to the studio to put down fourteen new songs where they rediscovered thirties and forties swing jazz. The petulant voice of Colotis is booming again and the old friend Cyrille-Aimée is back on two songs.

Examiner spoke with Antoine Toustou, one of the composers who plays the drum machine and trombone for Caravan Palace.

Examiner: How long have you been in the music industry and who has been your
biggest influence?

Toustou: "We've been in the music industry since 2005. At this time, we created Caravan Palace but it was a studio project first.

About our biggest influence, I have to admit we listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but I think Django Reinhardt is the most important one. He was such an incredible melodist, we keep listening to him with always the same emotion. He is the man!"

Examiner: Your latest video is very special, with a touch of the forties, biker dudes and babes. How did that come together? See the video here:

Toustou: "We wanted a realistic video clip this time, and some lindy hop dance inside, cause dance is part of the swing roots, so we wanted to recreate that mood in electro-swing. After that, we needed bikers and babes for the story."

Examiner: Who are some of the famous artists that you have been fortunate enough to work with and what did you learn from them?

Toustou: "Honestly, we didn't work with a lot of people. We didn't feel the need to work with other people so far, because we rock! (LOL)

Also, I could say that the base of our music style and songs is the swing of the 30s, and unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to work with musicians from this time, cause they're already dead. We only have their records for sampling and inspiration."

Examiner: What are your latest recordings and how many records have you done to

Toustou: "We have only released 2 records, the latest one was in March 2012 "Panic."

Examiner: I know that you are all over the place and rightfully so, upcoming tour after your House of Blues Boston gig?

Toustou: "After the Boston gig, we're gonna play in New York on April 2nd, Pontiac the 3rd, Chicago the 4th, Mineapolis the 5th, Englewood the 7th, Salt Lake City the 8th, Santa Cruz the 10th, Coachella the 11th, San Franscico the 12th, Vancouver the 14th, Seattle the 15th, Portland the 16th, Coachella again the 18th and Solana Beach the 19th."

Examiner: How is the Boston audience different from those in LA or NYC or anywhere else for that matter?

Toustou: "When we were in Boston in July 2013, we had such an awesome audience… So I have to admit that Americans are less inhibited than French people and we really like to play for you."

Examiner: Tell us something you've never told anyone before? (LOL)

Toustou: "We don't record in a big studio. Our studio is more like a secret lab, below the streets of Paris."

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