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Caravan of Death: Tortured then buried in mass graves, 6 victims identified

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The Caravan of Death victims endured unspeakable torture before they were shot to death and piled into mass graves in Chile, back in 1973. According to 14U News on Jan. 31, forensic exports have identified six of the Caravan of Death victims which include a journalist and a government official.

Back in 1973 helicopters landed and the torture began in Chile, which was led by Dictator Augusto Pinochet. Arms and legs were pulled from living people, sex organs were shot at, jaws were broken, eyes were gouged with knifes and when the victims finally died they were thrown in unmarked mass graves.

The six bodies that were identified on Friday were found in a mass grave near the town of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Journalist Carlos Berger was one of the identified, he was married to a human rights lawyer. He allegedly refused to close the local radio transmissions and was killed. A Socialist leader, a local government official, and a chauffeur were also among the identified bodies, which were all shot.

The six were among a group of 26 people who were killed in Calama. Another mass grave was about 100 kilometers away. 38,000 people were tortured and 3,000 were killed when all was said and done under the leadership of Pinochet.