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Caramelized Apple Cobbler

Anger Cobbler
Anger Cobbler
Dinah Grossman

A few days ago a friend of mine in New York sent me the link to a food blog she's been reading. The site is called Anger Burger (, and is written by a woman whose love affair with food is tainted by her struggle with Crohn's disease, an illness characterized by an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. I know! That's what I said! (I'm assuming you said something to the effect of "Bummer"). At any rate, while her daily life may contain more than its fair share of unpleasantness, her resulting writing is wry, smart, jaded, and hilarious.

Consequently, this post is in honor of I like to call this little dessert Anger Cobbler, if only because I made it in an attempt to calm myself after a particularly angst-ridden phone call with a major telecommunications company whose name I will not mention but which sounds suspiciously like "bombast..." Which is ironic given the tenor of my aforementioned conversation with said company.

This cobbler is essentially a tarte tatin mixed with an apple cobbler, although I daresay I might like this hybrid better than either of those desserts. To make it, follow the steps for a classic apple tarte tatin, but skip the pastry bit. Instead, whip up some drop biscuit dough (that is, biscuits with more milk than usual so that the dough is gloppy, not roll-able) and spoon the dough over the hot apples before placing the whole lot in the oven. Allow to cool briefly before inverting onto a plate with a rim that will catch drips of the apple-y caramel.

Serve warm for breakfast with cream or a good thick yogurt. You will no longer be angry. Promise.


  • Sunday "Anger Burger" Williams 4 years ago

    Goodness me, look at that! I'm so outrageously flattered right now, and you wrote this going on 9 months ago! Seriously, no one has ever named anything after the blog before, I'm all worked up.

  • Dinah 4 years ago

    Hi, Sunday! I'M flattered that you found this post and left a note for me! Your blog is a reliable source of laughter and good ideas. I'm still getting over something about "so sweet it was like being kicked in the face by a unicorn." My boyfriend and I use that one around the house now.