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Cara Delevingne perfectly cast as a mermaid in Peter Pan movie

Cara Delevingne is set to star as a mermaid in the Peter Pan movie
Photo by Anthony Harvey

Cara Delevingne is probably one of the most beloved models in the world right now, so it's no surprise that the caterpillar-browed catwalk star is trying to make the move to doing movies. She started her acting career by playing a princess in "Anna Karenina," and now she's going to continue her fairytale film journey with a role as a mermaid in the upcoming Peter Pan movie.

According to an April 27 report by the Mirror, Cara has been cast as one of the finned fairytale characters in Joe Wright's untitled Peter Pan movie. There aren't many details about her mermaid character, but the mythical beings didn't play a huge role in Disney's animated version of the popular fairytale. Cara also would have made a pretty perfect Tinkerbell – after all, she did recently fly above the runway at the launch of Burberry's Shanghai flagship store. However, she was supposed to be Mary Poppins, not a fairy.

In the Peter Pan movie, Cara Delevingne joins an impressive cast that includes Amanda Seyfried as a character named Mary (this might be Wendy's mother), Levi Miller as Peter Pan, Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard, Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily, and Garrett Hedlund as Hook. Cara and Garrett share an interesting connection – they were both once linked to the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie. However, Cara missed out on the role of Anastasia Steele and Garrett turned down the role of Christian Grey. At least the ladies should enjoy getting to see another hot Hook (they already have Colin O'Donoghue's cute "Once Upon a Time" character).

The new Peter Pan movie will be an origin story set during World War II. Peter is an orphan who gets kidnapped by pirates and spirited away to Neverland, where he learns that his destiny is to save the magical land from the evil pirate Blackbeard. Interestingly, "Once Upon a Time" recently featured a Hook vs. Blackbeard showdown. Since Hook isn't yet evil in Joe Wright's Peter Pan story, perhaps he'll be fighting alongside Pan against Blackbeard.

Cara Delevingne does look a little like some sort of mythical creature, so she should do a great job playing a mermaid. Are you looking forward to seeing her with fins?

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