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Cara Delevingne: Burger kissing angel strikes a pose

Friday, the whole world focused on Cara Delevingne'‏s PDA moment with Michelle Rodriguez at the New York Knicks basketball game and missed perhaps the more important photo on Delevingne's Twitter feed. Sure E! Online and Huffington Post are covering the possible lesbian connection, after all Rodriguez is a bisexual according to HuffPo. But, the bigger story in our mind is where can fans get that mini-burger seen surrounded by Cara Delevingne's lips. On Thursday, Cara tweeted out photo of herself swallowing a mini-burger whole, while her large lips were perfectly poised around the buns.

Cara Delevingne swallows a "mini mini burger"
Cara Delevingne / Twitter, Instagram

Cara may have been drunk during the game – or she may be making some kind of statement - who knows? Cara did come on the scene as a sex object, aka Victoria's Secret Angel. Which leads to the question why is media so enamored with Cara's sexuality? We first saw Cara a couple of years ago as she came on the American scene modeling VS lingerie. Next, rumors of One Direction's Harry Styles hooking up with her were rampant. More recently rumors of Miley Cyrus and Cara delving into "weirdsville" were hitting the headlines – and thankfully that is old news.

Meanwhile, a truly great story about what appears to be a wonderful little slider is passed up. Cara wrote about it as a "mini mini burger." She did not include any details, not a description, or a place she was buying it at, or anything to explain the photo. Food is the mainstay of life and fans must know all the details.

Which leads to why her fans love Cara Delevingne, because just like the photos of Cara handling animals at the London zoo, she isn't afraid to be a little wild. Cara's top quote featured on her Instagram page, reads: "Don't worry, be happy! Embrace your weirdness."

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