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Car seat safety: how to secure your baby in their car seats

Car seat safety
Car seat safety
Evie Dawson

Travelling with a baby? You have to be extra cautious regarding the safety of your little one. Buying a car seat is not enough. It is up to every parent to take full advantage of it by ensuring that this car seat is used and installed properly. Always keep the following points in mind when using car seats to ensure proper safety of your kids.

Choose The Car Seat According To Your Baby’s Requirement

There are varieties of car seats available in the market to choose from. Buy the seat that is best suited according to the age of your child. Up to three years of age, it is safest to use rear-facing car seat. Your child should be kept in rear facing car seat for as long as he reaches the top limit of height and weight specified by the manufacturer. Once your child outgrows the specifications, should you think of shifting him to forward facing car seat with a harness? Again, he should be kept there until he reaches the maximum height and weight specified for it before shifting him to the booster seat.

Make Sure The Seat Is Installed Properly

If not installed correctly, child car seats and booster seats can increase the risk of injuring your child in collisions. Read the instruction manual clearly as every car seat has different installation instructions. Secure the seat tightly in such a way that it should not move side to side or front to back more than one inch when pulled at the belt path. Make use of the tether by anchoring it properly according to the directions. Make sure that the base of the car seat is at the correct recline angle. Ensure that there are no twists in the seat belt straps. Make sure that seat belt straps and tethers are tight enough. If you are facing any problem in installing the seat, properly then certified technicians like Vehicle Inspection & Testing in Glen Waverley can help you to install seat properly.

Securing Your Child in Car Seat

While securing your child in the car seat make sure to recline the seat in such a way that it keeps baby’s head from falling forward. Take care that your child sits with his back and bottom flat against the car seat. Ensure that the carrier straps are tight and the shoulder strap comes in at or below the baby’s shoulder and should fit well between the legs. Do not place the child safety seat anywhere near the air bags. The chest clips should be even with the armpits. Do not swaddle before strapping in. Make sure you strap only the baby and there is nothing between the baby and the strap. To make him comfortable, you may wrap a blanket around him after strapping.

Do Not Buy Used Car Seat Without Proper Research

No doubt buying a used car seat will definitely save you some money but it means you are compromising with your child’s safety. The main problem with the used car seat is that you can never be sure whether it has been involved in car crash. Even a minor accident might result in major structural flaws. Secondly, these used seats do not come with manufacturer’s instructions without which you are always running the risk of its improper installation. Some vital parts might be missing or may be it has been recalled due to faulty design. All these issues are vital for your child’s safety and hence be avoided as far as possible. In case you are genuinely unable to purchase the new seat, it is up to you to convince yourself regarding all the above-mentioned issues i.e. ensure that the seat has not been involved in any car crash, major or minor. Make sure all parts are intact and the product has not been recalled for falling short of safety standards. For the instruction manual, you can contact the manufacturer for the replacement copy.

Keeping these simple points in mind while ensuring your baby’s safety in car, saves you a lot of trouble later. Set yourself as an example by always wearing your car seat. As a parent, it is your most important job to keep your baby safe.

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