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Car recalls: Chrysler now joins GM and Toyota in recalling faulty cars

Chrysler joins Toyota and GM with Dodge Durango recall this week.
Chrysler joins Toyota and GM with Dodge Durango recall this week.

Chrysler wants 900,000 SUVS with brake problems to be brought back into their businesses so they can fix them, according to Yahoo News on April 3, 2014.

As with Toyota and GM, Chrysler was aware of their car problem before now, not believing it was "recall worthy" last year when it came to their attention. At that time, they knew they had brake line corrosion issues, but they didn't tell the feds about it.

If you own a 2011-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Dodge Durango, you need to bring your vehicle in for a part swap to the appropriate car dealer who sold it to you. And if you were one of the 1.3 million GM car owners who might face your power steering going out while you drive down the road, you need to make sure to take your car in to the local dealership too.

Those who suffer from an ignition switch problem thanks to your GM car should have already been notified of the car recalls impacting those 2.6 million people. But if you have yet to take your car in to have that issue addressed, you need to do it now.

Toyota appears to be rebounding in the car market despite their agreement to pay $1.2 billion in a criminal probe about their unintended fatal acceleration flaw. But on April 2 Tech Times reported that they are not out of the public woodshed just yet, and it is hoped that lessons learned from these automobile industry failures that cost lives and injuries will result in a better future handling of safety issues.