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Car of man missing since 2005 found in Florida canal

William Naylor
William Naylor
Coconut Grove Police Dept.

The car of a man who has been missing for nine years has probably been found in a Florida canal.

William Naylor, 69, went missing with his 1997 Thunderbird from an apartment in the 2400 block of Northwest 49th Terrace in Coconut Creek in 2005. Naylor was a retired Broward County environmental engineer and he had Parkinson's disease and his medication would make him hallucinate, the family told the Sun Sentinel.

Jeanie Naylor, Naylor's daughter, said she was worried about her dad and wanted him to move into an assisted-living facility, but he became angry at the suggestion and drove off. He was never seen again.

Jeanie and her other sisters searched for their dad for five years thinking he may have driven to North Carolina or New York state to stay with family.

Then on Saturday the Missing Children International Ministries, which searches Florida waterways for vehicles that are linked to missing people, came across the Thunderbird, reports NBC Miami.

After the discovery, the sisters were notified by the police that a Thunderbird was found at the bottom of a canal behind where their father used to live. The sister were there when a crane lifted the green Ford Thunderbird out of the water.

Confirmation that it is definitely Naylor's car has not been released by the police at this writing, nor if there is a body in the car.

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