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Car manufacturer boasts using whale penis leather

The interior of this armored car is made from Maybach’s and whale penis leather, titanium, and gold.

According to Russian car manufacturer of the Prombron Dartz Kombat, they will release a new luxury armored car at the May 2010 Top Marques Car Show in Monaoco. They claim to be making the most luxurious armored car in the world. This reworked version of the armored car driven by the Russian Tzar, Nikolai II, is expected to cost about a million Euros (about 1.49 million U.S. dollars.) The edition named the Monaco Red Diamond features luxuries such as silver gold-plated Vodka bottles and gold, a gauges coated with diamonds and rubies, and a gold film on the windows. This enterprise demonstrates a barbaric brand of conspicuous consumption in that it uses whale penis leather in its interior textiles.

The source of the penis whale leather was not disclosed, and at this time our emails have gone unanswered.

Web news sources have called this vehicle “sexy” and “cool.” While our world does unfortunately create a market for armored vehicles, many whale lovers would rather that the beloved behemoths of ocean could be excluded from this and other endeavors that create an unnecessary demand for killed whales and mutilated genitalia. What need, some may ask, is met by owning a car with leather made from a whale penis?

According to the World Society for the Protection of Animals:
“In the last century two million Great whales were killed using methods that caused widespread and prolonged suffering. Some species were hunted to the brink of extinction.

This led the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to impose a worldwide ban on commercial whaling in 1986. Despite this ban, loopholes allow Japan, Norway and Iceland to continue whaling and kill some 2,500 whales annually. “

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