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Car lions: Terrified family exits flaming car on safari ride with lions nearby

A family in a burning car found themselves in an urgent dilemma needing to make a split-second decision to either stay put in a car going up in flames or to get out and face the lions. While in the lion enclosure driving through a safari park, a mom notices her car is smoking. On the outside of her car are lions running free as part of the park’s exhibit.

Family on lion safari when their car catches fire and they couldn't stay in the inferno, but getting out meant they'd be at the mercy of the free roaming lions.
YouTube screen shot

Should they get out of the car or stay inside of the car? Both scenarios presented with possible fatal endings and this mother needed to decide quickly which one she was willing to face with her kids.

When she saw flames start to flare, Helen Clements knew that she and her two children were in grave danger, according to CBS News on April 21. She leaned on the horn trying to get the park ranger’s attention, Clements said. The flames grew bigger and soon the smoke and fire were inside the car. The frantic mother had no choice but to get the kids away from her car, which was on the verge of becoming an inferno.

The rangers yelled at her to stay in the car, but that was impossible to do. This was a dilemma the mother found herself in, on what started out as a nice day at the safari park. Her kids got some great close-up pictures of the lions roaming free as they enjoyed their day as visitors allowed to drive by and see wildlife up-close. Clements said:

"It was very difficult to know what to do. Get in the car or get out the car."

Luckily, according to the Huffington Post today, it was less than a minute that went by from the time she sounded her horn for help to arrive. The rangers came and picked up the family with one of the park vehicles. They escaped unharmed. As you can see in the video above, the car was an inferno in a matter of minutes. This was not a fire that the family would have been able to ride out and endure. They would have literally been toast!

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