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Car lions: Car catches fire in lion enclosure, family escapes safely

A car caught fire near some lions at Longleat, in Wiltshire, England. The car, carrying a family including two small children, was actually inside a lion enclosure, a popular attraction at the safari park, when it went up in flames. According to CBS News, Helen Clements saw steam coming from the hood of her car... then she saw smoke. Trying her best not to panic, Clements blew her horn to get the attention of park officials.

While Clements' first instinct was to get out of the car and save her kids, she was told to stay inside the burning vehicle -- because there were huge lions nearby.

The burning car vs. lions conundrum didn't last too long. Fortunately for the family, another car showed up within minutes and everyone inside the vehicle was safely transported from one vehicle to the next without incident. Everyone was certainly shaken up but no one was hurt and the fire was contained rather quickly. There was no report of any lions being injured either.

As far as seeing lions goes, the Clements weren't even able to spot one before their whole Easter weekend trip went awry. "I would like to go back and see the lions. It wouldn't put me off from going back. It was a little bit frightening, and obviously the children were frightened at the time. You can look back on it now and thank goodness we are all safe, but why did it have to be in the lion enclosure, of all places?" said Helen Clements.

If your car was on fire in a lions' enclosure, would you have been able to wait inside the vehicle for help or would you have taken your chances with the lions? Check out the video above for more on this crazy story.

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