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Car Guy Diary – 2/29/2013 – Even More Jeep Problems (Photos)

The revised front end styling gives the little Compass big Grand Cherokee style.
The revised front end styling gives the little Compass big Grand Cherokee style.
Bart R. Orlans

Call it brand loyalty, call it enthusiasm, call it whatever you want. Jeep people acknowledge that it is a problem and the only cure, besides more cowbell, are more Jeeps.

If you have been following my missives for any length of time, you know I have a Jeep problem. I got my first Jeep, a 1975 full-sized Cherokee, in the mid-‘80s. This orange beast started a four-decade old problem for me that shows no signs of letting up. There were very short spells when I didn’t have a Jeep, but they were marked with misfortune and bad weather that seemed to go away when a Jeep found its way back onto my driveway.

While most of the Jeeps were my daily drivers, lately my wife has been struggling with Jeep problems of her own. Jeep number seven, the 2007 Liberty, became her daily driver when Jeep number eight, a 2006 Commander, showed up with my name on it. Then we switched number seven and number eight before we realized the Jeep number eight wasn’t going to stick around very long and traded it in for a non-Jeep vehicle for me to drive every day. So that left Jeep number seven back under my wife’s influence.

That arrangement lasted until last month when Jeep number seven went to the dealer for some warranty work. I encouraged my wife to have a look around and see if there were any new Jeeps that she might like better than Jeep number seven since it became hers by default rather than her choice and besides; it had almost 100,000 miles on it and I thought trading it in while it was still worth something was a better way to go.

Right on the showroom floor was the Jeep of my wife’s dreams, or at least it was very close to them. It was a left over 2012 Jeep Compass 4X4 in silver with a charcoal interior. After a short test drive, the hounds of hell in the shape of a cute redhead was turned lose on the unsuspecting car dealer and she proceeded to gnaw a good deal out of their shorts and got to drive her new Jeep home that very day. Jeep number nine had arrived.

While she appreciates the smaller size, easier handling, better stereo and Bluetooth connectivity compared to Jeep number seven, I dig the “Winter Weather” package that included off-road tires, tow hooks and an engine block heater. We’re both enjoying the better fuel economy, and the “miniature Grand Cherokee” styling on Jeep number nine.

Will there be more Jeeps in our future? I don’t doubt it. No matter how many Jeeps we get, we always seem to “need” another one. Just this morning I saw a really neat Wrangler Unlimited that could very easily be Jeep number ten and lessen my Jeep problem symptoms…for a little while anyway.


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