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Car Gadgets for the Most Passionate

Car gadgets for the most passionate
Car gadgets for the most passionate

When one thinks about car gadgets, it’s usually in practical terms, but this is not always the case. Some gadgets aren’t meant for practicality, but just for the joy of having them. This is the case with some high-priced gadgets that you don’t find in all cars.

Overhead lighting

No, we’re not talking about a sun-roof, even though those are a really popular feature. This is about lights integrated in the roof. It is called ‘starlightheadlining’ and of course, it could be an option you chose to have after buying the car, but the Rolls-Royce’s Phatom Coupe already has it. 1,600 of Fiber-optic LEDs, hand-fixed to the headliner, with adjustable brightness is obviously not a useful gadget, but it sure looks good and makes for a great effect while driving at night.

Door umbrellas

Staying with the Rolls-Royce, the Ghost model is a great car. Did the rain catch you unaware, without an umbrella with you? With this Rolls-Royce model, you don’t need to worry about getting wet when you arrive at your destination: there are full-size gold umbrellas in the sills of each front door. They are Teflon-lined and pop out at the push of a button. Worried where you’ll put them when you get in the car again? Exactly where they belong, as the storage compartments drain directly to the pavement below.

Pop-up dash speakers

We’re all fans of music and enjoy listening to it in the car, but Audi took things to the next level. There are several models of Audi that now include a 1,000-watt system that incorporates 14 speakers, with each of the speakers having its own amplifier, but this is not the main point. The 14 speakers include not only big ones, but also small ones, something Audi calls “acoustic lenses” - 180-degree tweeters that appear each time you turn the stereo on or off.

Rear-seat cooler

Are you thirsty? Do you want something cold to drink? No problem! Just get into a Hyundai Equus and you’ll find an optional rear-seat champagne cooler, that is basically no more than a small refrigerator. This might seem a little over to top to some, but think of hot summer days when, even with the air-conditioning on, drinks still get warm, so a cooler in your car does seem like a nice idea.

Night vision

Worried about the things that might go bump in the night and you won’t see until it’s too late? The BMW’s 5-Series is now equipped with night vision via the nav system monitor. An infrared camera shows you anything that is in your way over 300 yards ahead and the clarity and definition of the display are definitely high.


General Motors’s feature, installed in all their models, is a really nice thing to have in your car. It has many useful things, like slowing down if your car has been stolen, turn-by-turn navigation, hands-free calling and the ability to track vehicle diagnostics.

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