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Car crashes into San Francisco porta-potty

A car in San Francisco crashed into a porta-potty similar to this one and created quite a stink on Folsom Street.
A car in San Francisco crashed into a porta-potty similar to this one and created quite a stink on Folsom Street.
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As if it was a scene right from Daniel Powter's song, "You have had a bad day," a car crashed into a porta-potty in San Francisco, according to ABC News on Saturday. The accident, which caused quite a stench on Folsom Street in the City, was caused by a driver who fell asleep while driving a Nissan Ultima. (Talk about a rude awakening!!)

According to witnesses, the driver, who did not speak English, tried to get away after crashing into a construction zone that was blocked off with a large, yellow sign. The car then crashed into the porta-potty and the impact was heard by all those within the vicinity of the accident. The chain reaction from the incident caused three other cars to be hit, including that of a witness, Yesenia Jiminez.

Fortunately, no workers were in the construction zone when the incident occurred, or the results could have been much worse. When the driver attempted to run from the scene of the accident, a bystander stopped him. The driver told police that he had fallen asleep and had the accident. Sgt. Mario Molina stated:

"So he fell asleep and drifted to the other side."

Dangers posed by sleepy drivers:

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) sleepy drivers pose a major problem on the roadways of America, and even sleepy drivers who do not fall asleep are dangerous because of slowed reaction time. Sleepy drivers are less attentive, have slower reaction time and have impaired decision making ability.

The CDC also warned drivers to get plenty of sleep before driving (7 to 8 hours), seek medical attention if you have a sleeping disorder, and to refrain from alcohol, drugs and sedating medications before driving.

Surprisingly, the CDC says that a driver who has not slept in over 24 hours is as impaired as someone whose blood alcohol is 0.10. That is higher than the DUI legal level in most states, which is 0.08.

Warning Signs of Sleep impaired driving:

Excessive or frequent yawning

Not being able to remember the last few miles driven.

Not noticing or totally missing your exit.

Drifting out of your lane.

Hitting or running over a rumble strip.

You want to be safe on the roadway as a safe, responsible driver. If you are feeling drowsy as you drive, pull over and rest until you are feeling alert enough to drive. You will avoid being in an accident as a fatigued driver, and you certainly will avoid hitting the porta-potties as you drive on Folsom Street.

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