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Car crashes into home L.A.: Patient, driver come out uninjured

Car crashed into a home in L.A. Ruled "accident."
Car crashed into a home in L.A. Ruled "accident."
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A car crashes into a home in L.A. after the vehicle goes through a wall in the Palms area. ABC News wrote in a report published Feb. 3 that the incident occurred at a convalescent home for seniors. Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash. The car did narrowly miss a patient who was lying in bed.

Police Sgt. Kara Nightingale said that the woman who was in bed and the driver were rescued by firefighters will heavy equipment. This "car crashes into home L.A" headline had to do with the driver accidentally backing through the home's wall and window late Sunday. The potentially deadly wreck has been ruled an accident. There were no details released on the actual cause of the accident.

Both the woman and the patient were transported to a nearby hospital, but no injuries were reported.

There were no other indications from officials on what might have resulted in the accident. It is hard to fathom a vehicle full-on running through any building, but there are reports on it all the time. The "car crashes into home L.A." incident has not elaborated on if alcohol or anything else could have played a factor, but it seems like a genuine accident.