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Car crashes into home L.A.: Car crashes through wall at senior home

Los Angeles police cars
Los Angeles police cars
Wikimedia Commons

A car crashes into a home in L.A. on Sunday, Feb. 2. According to The Washington Post, the car went through the wall of a senior home, narrowly missing a patient's bed. The driver of the vehicle actually worked at the convalescent home for seniors and accidentally drove backwards into the building. The driver of the vehicle and the patient inside the room that was struck were both taken to the hospital to be checked out. Both were uninjured.

"The crash was determined to have been an accident so there was no arrest. Officials didn’t give details on what caused the accident," reports The Washington Post.

When a car crashes into a home (L.A. or elsewhere) there is always a lot of concern for those in the home as well as those in the vehicle. This was undoubtedly a frightening ordeal for the patient and the driver and both are very lucky to be okay.

It is unknown if police are still investigating but they should release a cause sometime soon. It was also unclear how much damage was caused when the car went through the wall.

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