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Car Craft Summer Nationals 2014

Much of Car Craft magazine’s enduring appeal is the DIY mentality so central to its readership. Its editors embrace new technology, always wanting to go faster. But they are realists, knowing far too well that a low-buck, home-garage-build trumps the unlimited checkbook every time.

Car Craft Summer Nationals is a favorite destination for it allows any and every car imaginable, with no limits.
Car Craft Summer Nationals is a favorite destination for it allows any and every car imaginable, with no limits.Aaron Ahlstrom

So it should come as no surprise that when the Car Craft Summer Nationals screeches into town, a changing of the guard, for car shows, is signaled. A different breed of car fans gear up for a weekend of nostalgia. Make no mistake, this isn't your Back to the ‘50s crowd where only 1964 and earlier models may apply. At Car Craft Summer Nationals, there are no limits, be it a production year or even Ford Mustangs. Any and every car imaginable wants in, and Car Craft indulges with aplomb.

Car Craft Summer Nationals is a celebration of all things automotive. Those that get their hands dirty are rewarded with stares and a thumbs-up... and maybe a trophy or their picture in the magazine. Be it a ground-shaking sound system that calls for attention or an exhaust rumble to wake the neighbors, it’s all good here.

Yes, motorcycles and rat rods are welcome, too. In fact, nothing is off limits at Car Craft. The more insane or outrageous a build, the better.

Set in the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, a gathering of muscle cars, street rods, and highly custom rides will delight the senses. Filling the air will be an intoxicating mix of high-octane exhaust fumes with spent rubber wafting in from the burnout contest or suntan lotion from the bikini contest.

If that doesn't get your testosterone boiling, check out the hundreds of commercial vendors and the products that can make your ride stand out from the crowd.

See you there!

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