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Car color and personality

What is your car saying about you?
What is your car saying about you?

What does your choice of car color say about you?

Color effects human behavior and elicits emotional responses.
Blue is considered a calming color while green is refreshing .

Red is the most emotionally intense color.
It evokes passion, strength, and speed !

A study from Marketing Research suggests that car color is linked to confidence levels.

The study found that people with emerald green, dark blue and silver cars had above-average self confidence, drivers of white cars had average self confidence,
while those who chose yellow, orange, blue or red cars had below-average self confidence.

The study also tracked responses over time, allowing researchers to calculate the 'moodiness' of drivers. Apparently people with black, dark blue or silver cars have the most consistent mood,
while those driving orange, bright yellow, green or red car have the most pronounced mood swings.

So the owner of this red ferrari is not self confident ?
Hmmmm. Go figure.

Ready to trade your Harrisburg area clunker for cash ?
Choose your color cautiously!

Experience with moods and car color? See a pattern in drivers with certain color cars?

 Share your comments are below.



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