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Car buyers globally prefer white cars

White vehicles are all the rage everywhere!
White vehicles are all the rage everywhere!
British Car Week

Folks prefer a white car all across the board from these shores to Timbuktu according to PPG Industries, the world's leading manufacturer of coatings.

Based on PPG's automotive build data, white seems to be at the top of a car buyer's color preference followed by silver and black which are tied in the number two spot. In descending order, the popular car colors that follow the chart-toppers are grey, red natural hues, blue and green.

Green? Ewww!

Euros also prefer white followed by black, grey, silver; blue, natural and red were tied, and green was also at the bottom of their preferential car color palette.

White vehicles are also all the rage in Asia too. However silver cars are the people's fave in South America.

"While white continues to be the most dominant choice in car color, we see growth in the variety of whites being offered to consumers," said Jane E. Harrington, PPG manager in a press release, color styling, automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) coatings. "Car manufacturers are seeking ways to create variations of white, silver, black and grey specific to their brands that complement different vehicle types. Distinct effects such as micas, glass flakes, fine bright aluminum and hue-shifting pigments help them achieve this."

Here are some interesting factoids that PPG shared with regards to the use of certain vehicle colors:

•The largest percentage of green vehicles is in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment.
•Luxury vehicles are most likely to feature black and grey finishes, and they are least likely to feature white, silver or green.

PPG, who works with every major automaker says that a company typically selects 8 to 10 colors for every model vehicle. According to Harrington, her international team determine color trends by keeping an eye out for fashion trends, architectural paint colors, consumer preferences and other predictors.

Harrington believes that cars will come in more deep jewel tones, earthy metallics down the pike. Funky shockers like taxicab yellows are also going to become more the rage because of cutesy youthful rides like the Kia Soul. Consumers should also not be shocked when pastel colors on vehicles like soft pink or mint green hit the scene as well.

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