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Capturing a ghost on film; new technology would reveal it

Normally, one cannot see a ghost, which I prefer to call a spirit since the majority of them are simply the spirits of those who have passed over. When you use a video recorder, camera or other device to take photos, spirits usually do not reveal themselves in this way. Or so we thought!

There is now a person who is working on a new technology that would allow you to see if you actually captured something on film. Joe DiMare is promoting a Hidden Intelligence Tracking (HIT) technology, which he claims will uncover unseen entities or other paranormal activity. This can be accomplished, he says, by changing the motion and light of a film from a 1080- pixel video recorder, digital camera, iPhone or Android device.

“HIT shows the hidden details in your own videos,” DiMare said. "It redefines the paranormal in our everyday lives.” If you are interested in “seeing a greater truth,” this is the way to do it, he added.

If DiMare is successful with his current crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, it could be as simple as submitting film via email to determine if any type of strange phenomenon is present. He is hoping to raise $49,999 by the 5th of August.

DiMare needs the money to create a ‘cluster’ of computers with light and motion capabilities that can highlight anything unusual in a picture or on film.

"I will be able to render multiple videos in one or two hours with the rendering cluster," s DiMare noted.

If this service becomes available, it would be great for ghost hunters to see what they have actually captured on film. Even if EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) is captured on tape, it is not nearly the same as actually seeing a spirit on film.

The HIT technology is already available for iphone users. You can download this technology HERE and even submit your video on the same page. With this service, anyone from amateur ghost hunters to the merely the curious who would like to know if they are sharing their home with an unseen entity could easily get the answers they seek.

A similar technology developed by MIT is already being used in the medical field to more clearly see babies in the womb. It is also used by astronomers hoping to find undiscovered planets.

To see DiMare’s Indiegogo Campaign, go HERE.


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