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Capture your slaves at the Warrior Run!

The cages in the Arena before Game Time
The cages in the Arena before Game Time
Credit Teletus Sims

Editors Note: This article deals with mature subject matter. Gaming sometimes involves adult content and images and it should be taken as such.

Capture your slave at the Warrior Run!
Teletus Sim

In our continuing series of articles on Gor in Second Life, I discovered an event that is both exciting and amusing, rewarding and frustrating, and overall great fun for the adventurous. I am of course referring to the Warrior Run on the sims of Teletus.

A brilliant idea form the mind of Anjali Cazalet, she tells us 'the sim was started in August of 2007. We hosted the RP Hash, then the warrior run followed. Meant to be a fun means to learn how to defend, combat, and flee!

Doc Grun: Tell us how the Warrior Run works.

Anjali Cazalet: The men buy their cage and decorate it.. tongue in cheek, they mark their territory.

DG: Decorate them how?

AC: How ever they want to. Change the color, add a texture.. some have put chairs in and furs..or their profile pic.

DG: They have rez rights?

AC: When they buy it yes.

DG: How much to buy?

AC: 0L. Then they stand atop their cage and wait for the hunt to be called. Everyone seems to be fashionably late, but we generally start running by 20 after 8. There is a bit of pre-run cavorting, teasing and taunting the hunters etc.. and the women seem to take forever to get ready .. fashionably so.

“Women get their 30 second (roughly) head start.. and take off from the gates here.. and out into the wilds. They may hide anywhere, any place, except inside the village or inside any building. They may be under, on top, around.. but not inside. I barricade the village front gates and the stairs here.

DG: So how many times are captured girls retaken by another hunter on the way back to the cages?

AC: Sometimes never, sometimes once.. maybe twice.. I am not sure there is a definitive answer for that.

DG: Now if a girl is already attached to her captor, how is transfer done to a new hunter?

AC: If leashed, the hunter down would type the .unleash command. or else the GM does an auto thing.. I don't remember at the moment. Either way, the hunter who stands would touch the binds and leash

DG: Fascinating.

AC: Men are not allowed to attack each other unless there is a woman involved. Such as already in a bubble, in binds, or being dragged. Men are allowed to run, jump and fight with a captive in tow.

DG: Swords only, and no shields, correct?

AC: No shields, but dodge is allowed. I had added that at the first of the year.

DG: And if someone gets upset that he is constantly being attacked after he has captured another girl. Who moderates in cases where fun is supposed to be the order but people take things too seriously? I could see this being an issue.

AC: We handle it as best we can. We've not had that come up in 3.5 yrs. We do get folk who get upset over various things. Thinking they had somehow been cheated, and we handle it as well as we can. I stress at the onset, and in the rules... #1 have fun. Don't sweat it. Brush it off and go on. There are asshats everywhere.

DG: Indeed.

AC: First thing's first. Have fun.

DG: “No matter what comes along, don't be a spoil sport & get upset over some little or a perceived slight. The object is to have fun and ignore the bogus. Brush off the dust, get up and catch them wimmen.” From your notice. I remember it.

DG: Do you yourself participate in the hunt?

AC: Folk tend to be understanding if you can explain it without getting condescending or rude yourself.. aye Sir. I do. As well my sister and some of my kin.

DG: Then I would assume you have repeat players?

AC: Aye. Of course we're subject to the foibles of RL and whatever takes folk away. I've even hosted a special Warrior run for the Relay for Life last year. To raise money for the ACS.

DG: Once the girls are in the cages, can they reset their meters or must they come out in the normal time the meter would have them down?

AC: Once they are brought down here, they reset. And you'll find them dancing, laughing, commenting on the various aspects. But they remain here til the end.

Showing up early for the event, I picked my cage and plastered my image all over it like a good hunter. The girls began arriving about 30 minutes before game time, as did the hunters, a burly lot. To keep lag down on the sim, everyone must de-prim. No AO’s, no flexi or prim items, hair, etc. For the women this most times meant running naked, which does add an element of spice to the contest. Everyone runs in the standard SL ‘duckwalk’, to make chasing fair, as some AO’s can speed up a person’s run.

This was an exceptionally large hunt, with nearly 30 girls and 12-15 hunters. Standing atop my cage brandishing my sword I cammed up to the entrance of the sim to witness a sea of naked girls ready to run for their lives. The hunt was called, and off they ran into the woods. Soon after we hunters were set loose after them.

As this was my first hunt, I took a little time to get used to it, but soon found myself chasing one girl or another, swinging my sword to take her down and capture her. I found myself laughing outloud, as they jumped around to avoid me, and confess I found it quite a rush. Unlike playing a video game where you are killing computer characters, there is a real person on the other end of that avatar trying to keep from being captured.

You could hear the sound of men swinging their swords, and the women crying out as they were struck. As a girl is taken down she cries out and drops, which is a key for any hunter in range to head in that direction.

Herein explains the reason why it is stressed so much in advance NOT to take things personally. I took down my first girl, and was in the process of binding her for the run back to my cage, when I was descended upon by a wave of other hunters, all intent on taking my girl from me. Fighting in all directions to stay alive, I was soon taken down. The survivors fought until one man was left. He then took my girl as his capture.

When a hunter is taken down wearing the Gorean Meter, he must lay there the entire 5 minutes it has him down before he can get back into the hunt. This was the longest 5 minutes of my life, as I lay there steaming over being gang-attacked after chasing down my girl the proper way. I will stress this to the reader now: as much as you say it will not bother you to have someone lay in wait for you to do the hard work, and then take your girl after you take her down, you WILL get upset. I did. There are some who do simply that, steal others' girls after they are caught. So be prepared for it.

This happened to me 3 times during the hour long hunt, each time capping a girl only to have someone take her from me. Being a lifetime gamer, this upset me greatly, to the point that another downed hunter IM’d me to calm me down. He could tell I was new and tried very hard to let me know every hunter was in the same situation I am in know, and to try to laugh it off.

I finally capped a girl, and was binding her for the run home, when 2 hunters came at me. This time I sliced and diced my way to victory, and managed to get her back to my cage. When I dragged her in, I saw a sea of women, some 5-6 in the same hunter’s cage, which also upset me, and brings up another point of fairplay:

During the hunt all players, hunter or prey, must turn off their radar and minimaps, to avoid being able to track down girls by following the blips. The girls can’t see who is coming, the hunters can’t see the girls until they come upon them in line of sight.

But seeing some cages jammed to the seams in a matter of minutes, I find it hard to believe some hunters were honoring that rule of no radar or maps. The sim is highly wooded and people can hide anywhere. I’m sure I will be assaulted by hunters who tell me they are simply that good, but again as a gamer, I find it nearly impossible to cap 6 girls in 15 minutes when searching an entire sim for them. I may be proven wrong here, but that was my feeling, a feeling shared by other hunters who I lay dead next to more than once.

The last point I want to make here is that it is also stressed that men are not to attack each other unless a girl is involved. I will say from my own personal experience this did not happen, as I came upon a bridge where 6 hunters were duking it out, with no girls in sight. Trying to cross the bridge I was attacked, forcing me to get into this wild meley, and of course going down again, but not before taking out 3 others. So another 5 minutes wasted.

As I lay there with 6 other downed hunters, someone said ‘Anyone got any 2’s?’ which made me laugh outloud, and only then did I begin to see the real fun in the hunt. There will always be people who take advantage of a situation, but the key here is to enjoy yourself and meet new people.

I think the idea of this hunt is great fun, and a way to help hone your fighting skills in a ‘live fire’ scenario. I WILL be back next week, and I strongly encourage everyone who wishes to hunt or be hunted to be on the Teletus sim, every Friday at 8 pm slt.

Many thanks to Anjali Cazalet and her entire family on sim for hosting this event for so long.

Remember to leave your ego at the door, and HAVE FUN!

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