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Captive's Choice statue at Lincoln Park is about a historical legend

In tthe Captive's Choice statue at Lincoln Park, we can see the mother, daughter and the Indian chief in the center.
Lucy Santos

Have you ever had to choose between two people that you love? Captive’s Choice statue at Lincoln Park is based on the legend of a white lady who was held captive since childhood during the French Indian War and becomes the wife of an Indian chief. When her mother comes to take her back home, she must choose between her mother and her husband. In this bronze masterpiece, the Indian chief stands in the middle of the mother and the daughter.

Captive’s Choice, also called, “An Historical Incident of November 1764,” was the first statue at Lincoln Park. On Thanksgiving Day in 1895, Captive’s Choice was placed at Lincoln Park. Chauncy Ives, who was an American sculptor, who lived in Rome until his death, created Captive’s Choice in 1884. Dr. J. Ackerman Coles donated Captive’s Choice statue at Lincoln Park. Not only does the statue tell us about the drama of the French and Indian War, it also helps us reflect about the difficult decisions that we must make during our lives.

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