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Captial Cities exclusive: What you don't know about 'Safe and Sound' the song

What do you think about the trumpet?
What do you think about the trumpet?
Photo by Vivien Killilea

For what is one of the hottest songs on the radio today, "Safe and Sound", from the group Capital Cities, has made quite an impact in the music world, and one of the biggest reasons why is the combination of beat, melody and the most memorable trumpet line we've ever heard.

In an exclusive interview with, Sebu, who is the lead vocalist for Capital Cities, revealed that the epic trumpet line you hear in "Safe and Sound" didn't come into play until the final version of the song.

"The trumpet line in ‘Safe and Sound’, for example, didn’t appear in the production until nine versions into the song.

"The final version, on a whim, we decided to try using a trumpet, a live trumpet, to play that line and it stuck. We ended up actually using the trumpet a lot throughout the album after we included it in ‘Safe and Sound’.

"It was trial and error, right? We felt like that line was an epic line and we thought about different instruments that sounded epic, and the trumpet is obviously one of them," Sebu said.

"Safe and Sound" has grown a viral following as of late, and Capital Cities as a group was confident that the song would perform well in the United States because of the initial debut it made in Lima, Peru.

"Yes [we knew it would do well in the U.S.] (pause). Well what happened was that song was released onto the blogosphere and a program director at a radio station in Lima, Peru picked up on it and decided on his own to add it to the playlist.

"That was the first alternative rock radio station that started playing the song without any effort on our part. That was the research that proved the song would do well because it shot to the top of the charts on that station.

"All of a sudden we discovered we had a fan base in Lima, Peru, so we figured if the song would do well on a station like that, which was a very typical alternative rock station, that it would do well on other stations as well. All it really needed was a chance to get on the radio," Sebu said.

Just how popular has "Safe and Sound" been lately? On Billboard's Hot 100 list, Capital Cities' single reached a peak position of 8th on the list, and "Safe and Sound" has been running on the list for over 43 consecutive weeks.

Capital Cities is one of the hot, new groups to keep your eye for, so stay tuned as we reveal more from our exclusive interview with the group.

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